Oaklandon School of Environmental Studies

Students at Oaklandon School of Environmental Studies develop a love and respect of nature as they become strong readers and writers. The school is home to an outdoor learning laboratory that allows children to study and care for chickens, ducks, and rabbits among many other visiting animals. There’s also a pond ecosystem and a greenhouse on campus. Snakes, hamsters and other creatures reside in classrooms, allowing students a close-up look at how animals live in a variety of environments.

Oaklandon School of Environmental Studies is a school community of learning where genuine and mutually respectful relationships between the adults and students are considered fundamental for intellectual development and personal growth.

Oaklandon insures success for all students through the promotion of cooperative learning, workshop models, child centered instruction, and high expectations.

The 21st Century skills that deal with digital age literacy and inventive thinking are a big part of our students’ day. We strive to teach our students to be self-directed, life-long learners.

Oaklandon Excellence

  • Identified by Magnet Schools of America as a national Magnet School of Distinction
  • Students develop and maintain multiple flower and vegetable gardens, enjoy an on-site pond and wetlands, and create and sustain a greenhouse ecosystem with the support of a full time Naturalist
  • Oaklandon is the recipient of the Dr. Laura Hare Charitable Fund Grant for Environmental Education