Dear Oaklandon Visitor,

Welcome to Oaklandon Elementary School of Environmental Studies.  Our goal is to ensure that every child in grades first through sixth is educated in a culturally diverse environment while receiving instruction through an engaging and rigorous curriculum. Students grow both academically and socially through project based learning, workshop models, high expectations, and differentiated instruction.  This ensures that the staff at Oaklandon is educating the whole child based on their unique learning needs and talents.

Environmental studies are at the core of our curriculum.  Our students develop a respect and understanding for the world they live in by participating in hands-on experiences.  Oaklandon has an outdoor learning laboratory, pond ecosystem, vegetable and flower gardens, and opportunities to care for live chickens and ducks.  Students have the opportunity to work in these areas year around so they can see first-hand how these environments change and the living creatures adapt. 

The staff, at Oaklandon Elementary School of Environmental Studies, is energetic, dedicated, and passionate about the success of our students and families.  I encourage you to learn more about all of the wonderful opportunities we have here at Oaklandon through our website, phone call, or a tour of our fantastic school. 
Jennifer Sheets, Principal