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At Oaklandon School of Environmental Studies, students develop a love and respect for nature as they become strong readers and writers. Students work individually and in small groups to develop problem-solving skills. Hands-on projects that encourage the use of technology and scientific learning tools like microscopes and beakers help to foster children’s natural curiosity.

Environmental studies are at the core of the curriculum. Students develop a respect and understanding for the world they live in by participating in hands-on experiences. Oaklandon has an outdoor learning laboratory, pond ecosystem, vegetable and flower gardens, and opportunities to care for live chickens and ducks. Students have the opportunity to work in these areas year-around so they can see first-hand how these environments change and living creatures adapt.

All grade levels utilize a Core Curriculum based on Indiana State Standards, taught in all Lawrence Township Schools. The Readers and Writers Workshop approach is used in Language Arts, Balanced Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills & Community Building.

Oaklandon is one of four elementary sites that house the district High Ability program. Students in the High Ability program are given learning opportunities and curriculum that address their need for more advanced and accelerated content. High Ability teachers provide many ways for students to use a variety of thinking skills and self-direction to allow for authentic learning at their level. Students are grouped by skills, abilities, and interests among a range of grade levels to ensure that they receive differentiated instruction.

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