Alerts: Jul 30, 2021
The MSD of Lawrence Township has closed the LECC-based Welcome Center in favor of a more invitational, school-based approach to enrollment. VIEW DETAILS

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Jennifer Sheets (Contact Jennifer Sheets)
Assistant Principal - Keith Story (Contact Keith Story)
Registrar/Administrative Assistant - Brenda Royal (Contact Brenda Royal)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Dana Price (Contact Dana Price)
Head Custodian - Clarence Thompson (Contact Clarence Thompson)
Cafeteria Manager - Melody Smith (Contact Melody Smith)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Mary Quiroga (Contact Mary Quiroga )
Nurse - Patricia Cress (Contact Patricia Cress)
Community in School - Stephanie Ralich (Contact Stephanie Ralich)

Special Areas

Art - Jack Monninger (Contact Jack Monninger)
Media Center - Lana Wooden (Contact Lana Wooden)
Physical Education - Susan Wright (Contact Susan Wright)
Music - Denise Nixon (Contact Denise Nixon)

Grade One

High Ability - Angela Drescher (Contact Angela Drescher)
Stephanie Deinlein (Contact Stephanie Deinlein)
Kelli Witt (Contact Kelli Witt)
Bianca Dodd (Contact Bianca Dodd)

Grade Two

Jill Ambre (Contact Jill Ambre)
Brittany Mooney (Contact Brittany Mooney)
Kelly Willhoite (Contact Kelly Willhoite) High Ability

Grade Three

Emily Wilson (Contact Emily Wilson)
Kristen Burton (Contact Kristen Burton)
Robert Cline (Contact Robert Cline)
Cathy Jones (Contact Cathy Jones) High Ability

Grade Four

Mary Butler (Contact Mary Butler)
Melanie Herendeen (Contact Melanie Herendeen)
Rebecca Owen (Contact Rebecca Owen)
Doug Price (Contact Doug Price) High Ability
Jennifer Baker (Contact Jennifer Baker)

Grade Five

David Bucksten (Contact David Bucksten)
Karen Harvey (Contact Karen Harvey) High Ability
Lori Weber (Contact Lori Weber)
Kristin Yahnke (Contact Kristin Yahnke)

Grade Six

Brittny Smith (Contact Brittny Smith) High Ability
Kathryn McConnell (Contact Kathryn McConnell)
Qadr Owens (Contact Qadr Owens)
Amy Reitz (Contact Amy Reitz)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Holly Kendall (Contact Holly Kendall)
Resource - Tiffany Alderfer (Contact Tiffany Alderfer)
Speech - Kendra Hunnicutt (Contact Kendra Hunnicutt)
Hearing Impaired - Lindsey Elderbrook (Contact Lindsey Elderbrook)
OT - Tessa Wolsiffer (Contact Tessa Wolsiffer)
OT - Vicki Husar (Contact Vicki Husar)
PT - Sylvia Brothers (Contact Sylvia Brothers)
School Psychologist - Vicki Lenz (Contact Vicki Lenz)
English as a New Language - Virginia Ramos (Contact Virginia Ramos)
Technology - Ryan Murphy (Contact Ryan Murphy)
Diagnostic - Carol Young (Contact Carol Young)